2016 Submissions

(NES) Gothic Heart Video Game Song
(NES) Gothic Quest Video Game Song
Fill It Up Trance Song

2015 Submissions

Gothic Heart Video Game Song
Gothic Quest Video Game Song
A Small Town (8-bit) Video Game Loop
A World to Explore (8-bit) Video Game Loop
Riches and Spoils (8-bit) Video Game Song
An Encounter (8-bit) Video Game Loop
An Angel's Tale (8-bit) Video Game Loop
Minotaur's Labyrinth Ambient Song
Deadly Maze Video Game Loop
Pixels Chipstep Loop
8-bit Story Book (Mac13) Video Game Song
Light in the Dark 8-bit Video Game Loop
Midst The Dark 8-bit Video Game Loop
Midst The Dark Video Game Loop
Dangerous Pyramid Video Game Loop
8-Bit Groove Video Game Loop
The Adventure Ends Trance Song
Another Adventure Trance Song
Music Box Miscellaneous Loop
A Wish of Winter Video Game Song
Sonic The Hedgehog Intro Video Game Song
Electric Forest (Lost Woods) Video Game Song
Nevaeh Ambient Song
Super Mario Loop Video Game Loop
Angels in the Night Video Game Song
Angel's Sorrow Video Game Song
Simple Jazz Piano Loop Jazz Loop
Hopping Rabites (SD3 Remix) Video Game Song
Cosmetic Waves (Collab) Ambient Song
Love and Sorrow - Remorse Classical Song
Cosmetic Waves Miscellaneous Song
Secret Battle - 8 bit Video Game Loop
Secrets - 8 bit Video Game Song
Purge the Darkness Video Game Song
Dire Dire "Piano at the Docks" Video Game Loop
The Water is Innocent (SD3) Video Game Loop
Epic Bells Carol Classical Song
Christmas Is Here Classical Song
Jingling Gameboys Video Game Loop
Caroling Xylophones Classical Loop
Christmas Is Here (WIP) Classical Song
Loving Affection Video Game Song
Bells Don't Jingle Techno Loop
Soul of the Beast Ambient Song
Night of Storms (Zelda Remix) Video Game Song
Baby He Isn't Right General Rock Song
I'm Broken... Miscellaneous Song
Halloween(collabWIP) Miscellaneous Loop
A Sad Tale Video Game Song
Reactor Escape(Full Version) Miscellaneous Song
Fireball Song Miscellaneous Loop
Village of Kakariko Video Game Song
The Wind Fish's Ballad Video Game Song
Life's Struggles Miscellaneous Song
Mysterical (remake) Miscellaneous Loop
Rose and Ghost(Secret of Mana) Video Game Song
I'm Stressed Miscellaneous Song
Left-Handed Wolfman (SD3) Video Game Loop
Seiken Densetsu - Angel's Fear Video Game Song
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Fable Video Game Loop
Delusions of a Faint Memory Ambient Loop
Final Fantasy City Theme Video Game Loop
Misty Wind Ambient Song
Risen - I'm Alive Video Game Loop
BeautifulDream Video Game Loop
Mysterical Video Game Loop
Castle Bells Video Game Loop