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Wait, you do more then music?!

Not a bad flash. It keeps the viewer entertained... (But that might just be you talking that does that)
The camera movement was done quite well, and the drawings aren't half bad. Not bad hania. I think you did a real good job on this.

I do think the spider's animation was a bit too fluid like with the curves on the legs and such.. Also, extra detail never hurt anyone.

I give this flash 6.5 planets out of 10. Well I would if it were possible... lol
No I actually give you a 3.5/5 (which would be 7 planets) because this was still quite enjoyable... Your artwork is not that bad, and neither is the spider... but I wouldn't call it a top quality animation, so I think that 3.5 is quite fair.

Is it sad if I watched this just to see the dancing monkey?

Either way, I think what you are doing is an amazing thing with these tutorial videos and such. You are a huge inspiration for aspiring artists like myself, and I hope you keep doing what you do.

Good job overall.

your lip syncing is not bad at all. Maybe a few spots here and there. First thing I would like to point out, is that there is not a single spot where teeth are shown. well... except for the part with his two carnivorous teeth are shown. Also, the tweens between the mouths moving need to be shorter, or you can add more to it to make it smoother, depends on what you feel like doing, but I recommend you work on getting a nice fps going so that it doesn't look so jagged in teh motions.

well... you still did a good job
not good enough to get you a real good rating, as this was just a simple lip sync test, but good. 3/5 10/10. if you are wondering about the review score being higher then the flash score. It's because I see nothing wrong with this. I just don't think it should score high. hope you understand.

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An interesting game to say the least... I didn't get very far, but I did enjoy it. Fantastic artwork, simplistic and fits the music/sound really well.

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers, thanks for playing! ^_^

So I'll be honest... I'm having trouble enjoying the game in itself due to the way you have the collision setup... Going after the hidden hp buffs and such would be great if it was beneficial... the enemy layout is random and can be unavoidable at times. The artwork is very well made and voice acting was well done. The music could loop better, but overall I found this to be good in quality. I am sure with more time, and the Personal Use License, you could make the game much much better! Anyways, thanks for sharing this with me. I personally liked it although I didn't enjoy the gameplay, maybe that's because I enjoyed the taste in artwork and such, as I really like to view it as an artwork in whole, which deals with more then just gameplay.

DanielCotorogea responds:

Thank you very much...when I started developing it I had all these ideas about how it's going to be, but I was stuck by the event restriction,so...I had to improvise :)

OMG All my 5 r belong to this!

This is the most clever use of the deception concept I've seen so far... LMAO btw, I said "No" at the end.

A really enjoyable game overall. Time well spent playing it! :P

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I don't know what to say man. A lovely piece of work. I especially like your bridge about a minute and a half in. I feel like I should expect the synths to come out in all your songs to be honest. I think that with how mellow this tune is, there should be lyrics to this. It feels like it's missing that... like lyrics were intended, but not added. ;)

Anyways, I loved it Retro!

Nice little loop for just one sitting! ;)

ThePal responds:

Thanks! ^^

I'm not judging you.... but yup... I'm not judging you I swear!

ThePal responds:

*glares at you mischievously*

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So this is what the western link would look like? :P
Nice work. Lighting on the image looks great. Background looks great. I see no flaws. Fantastic work yet again Jazza!

If I were to critique anything about the picture, I did notice one flaw... Link doesn't have that belt you placed under the shoulder there. It's just a minor detail I noticed, as I almost didn't even notice it. Still a great picture Jazza! Looking forward for more!

Hey it's a Pikachu!!!! A really cute picture! Just looking at your other works, you are a talented artist. Glad I found out about you through your BF Avizura. You both are really good! :P

I'd critique you, but I see nothing to critique on... However I do have a quick question out of curiosity.

What program do you use for your artwork?

Hmm. I like this work. I did notice as stated below that the proportions are slightly off on the robot's arms. I don't know if that was unintentional or done on purpose... I mean I suppose maybe he got built that way! ha!

I find it quite hard to judge the lighting as you seem to have implemented more then one light source on this one. (which makes sense because he's underwater and light gets distorted.) From the looks of it you have the main light source as a light slightly left of the camera. (or the POV of the picture) along with the natural lighting of the environment, this of course would cause cross shading which is very visible behind the arm and the leg socket. I am glad you did this with the lighting because otherwise the character wouldn't pop out as much, and as an illustration... that's the last thing you want.

Overall, a fantastic bit of art Jazza!

I am creative and love to draw, cartoon, write music, animate... I believe that with enough work Newgrounds will come to see that I have what it takes to be what I believe I can be. Thank You Newgrounds.

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