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I am creative and love to draw, cartoon, write music, animate... I believe that with enough work Newgrounds will come to see that I have what it takes to be what I believe I can be. Thank You Newgrounds.

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GamekrazzyProduction's News

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - August 25th, 2013

Hey Fans!
I'm working on a new project that is going to require a lot of chip-tune music!!!!
So This is an update for you all! I just recently uploaded 2 new songs for the game, and you can find them below this jumble of text.

Anyways. The game is going to be an NES Dragon Warrior like game with custom sprites, and tile-sets.
I don't believe in ripping, and I am an aspiring artist after all. So everything is custom. I don't want to give any spoilers... especially game-play elements, as the last thing I want is someone to copy my brilliant ideas!

So the game is going to take place in a fantasy universe in which the base plot-line is that the gods have been deceived into believing that their children.. "Humans, Elves etc.." have abandoned them and are worshiping false idols... "Kings, Queens, Demons etc..."

Anyways because of this, the once peaceful World of "Insert Name Here" (I haven't come up with a name yet. ha!), is now under siege by monsters and angels alike.

You, the protagonist, are an angel that doesn't approve of what the gods have done, and you take your leave from "Heaven" to aid in the children's plight. Once an angel enters the realm of the "Humans, Elves etc..." they take the form of a "Human, Elf etc..." keeping their angelic powers to use on their behalf. (Class Selection) When you left to aid children's plight, the gods for-saw this as a problem and stripped you of your memory. You awake later in an inn, not knowing your identity. (Name Creation).


The game is not going to be a flash game, so don't expect it on the portal, however all music used in the game is going to be uploaded here on Newgrounds! Below are the 2 songs I mentioned before. Give them a listen, and go ahead and review them if you would like.



Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and let me know what you think of the game plot in the comment section below. Thank you!

New Project = New Audio!

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - August 24th, 2012

Hey Fans! (If any of you guys ever read these things)

Just thought I'd tip you in on what I have been up too. So recently I have been working on some artwork and music for a game known as NEStalgia. It's mostly done as a side thing. And honestly I love the game so I wanted to be involved some how. Anyways, I just recently published 2 songs that I have posted on the community website. Hopefully they will be used in game, seeing as they are both wonderful pieces IMO... maybe I am being too biased there. XD.

Here are the links to the songs.



In other news. NEStalgia is currently taking a big leap from where it was! Do you guys know of Steam Green Light? YEP, NEStalgia is taking advantage of this opportunity. I do not know how things will go afterwards, but I strongly recommend you try the game out. If you do enjoy the game be sure to give it the thumbs up it needs. NEStalgia on Steam would be one big step. And that is more steps for me especially with my artwork in game! :D Thanks Fans!

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - March 8th, 2012

Just so you guys know, I'm still here. I have just been really busy. In fact I have been working with spritework and some music recently. Anyone here played NEStalgia?

Anyways, I just thought I would put in an update considering I have not done much really this year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - February 16th, 2012

I figured I would give my oppinion. I like it. too bad it doesn't seem to do a thing about voting unfairly or anything of the sorts. But I don't see how any song of mine can honestly be "LOL, that is wack" and apparently according to some people out there, they are. And well, what can I do about it. Haters gonna hate. Anyways, it just annoys me that a song with 1 vote of a 5 can go to a 2.93 with a 2nd vote. That means that the voter had to have voted on it a 2 or less, which seriously makes no sense unless you think that video game music re-iterations is crap and you wish to die in a hole somewhere.... Re-iterations of video game music are no different then re-iterations or covers of pop music or theatrical music. I don't mean to sound like I think my music is all great and all, but I at least see it scoring around a 3 or higher. Come on people... vote fairly, or don't vote at all. And at least give a reason why the song scored low. Anyways, I figure this won't change a thing, but hey... gotta express this somehow... :D

Well. Check out my newest re-iteration I made for you guys. Hope you enjoy it!


Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - February 3rd, 2012

Hey Newgrounds. Just thought I would make a post about this! ACTA is a trade agreement that bypasses legislature stating that participating parties must make laws against Conterfeit Material! Now the Definition of Counterfeit is material that is exchanged for free, when it originally cost money! This incudes information. In order for the government to do this, they would have to survey the internet which is defying our privacy.

For those of you people in the United States of America, there is still hope for you guys! Even though ACTA has already been signed, petitions are being made against this threat. While some of them are simple "Stop ACTA" petitions. I have found one that seems to give a solution, in which it is asked that the Senate decides whether or not we agree to this ACTA! If enough people sign the petition, the government is sure not to overlook it. I have left the link under the commentary of my flash that I made to fight against ACTA. You guys should watch it! And I hope you guys like it!


Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - January 3rd, 2012

I am going to try and be more active here on newgrounds. At first I used it to make music, but currently I have been following a path in animation. And it seems every animation I make is better then the previous in something, maybe a lack in something too. But soon, I will be making flash that you guys will love, so cheers to that day. :P Anyways thanks to anyone who watches my animations and such. I am glad you guys enjoy them. It was thanks to you guys that I got my first trophy! Daily 5th! Woot!

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - March 26th, 2011

I submit music, and it seems to always be left forever unnoticed. 8 votes at a high rating then because THEIR MUSIC ISN't at the same score THEY vote you down so theirs get noticed. Your score goes from a 4.6 to a 4.0 never to be noticed anymore. I had 2 votes on one of my 8-bit music and it was a 5.0. 1 more vote brought it to a fricken 2.75. what the hell people. Just because I am bettter then you is a stupid reason to down rate my music.

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - February 15th, 2011

I swear it runs way to fast for me to handle, I have so many ideas, and now I want to do an anime project based off of Seiken Densetsu, UGH, I havn't even started on my old EPIC SANTA idea, which btw is not half as important to me now as this Seiken Densetsu project, but still. My mind is ROLLING 3000000000 mph!!!!!!!!

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - December 24th, 2010

well.... due to the fact that I just realized how corny my idea for the preview was... I have called off the project... Instead... I plan on just making the full version of Epic Santa and Posting it next year... For now... I'll just post a simple loop... :D IDK, maybe I'll develop something and have something a little funny. :D Don't count on it.

Posted by GamekrazzyProduction - December 24th, 2010

I like the fact that I can post on here simply to be annoyed to death... I just had a WONDERFUL conversation with some one who consistantly thought that I was stupid.... apparently he hates the fact that I am better then him... :D I mean I don't see him for that matter posting anything thats getting noticed...

Anyways the real intention of this was to describe my idea of Epic Santa a bit more clearly.

Santa's presents have gone missing, and he goes searching for them... The thief, and this is actually foreshadowing in case you don't know what that is, for simplicity is an elf that dislikes santa, christmas and everything good. After he stole the presents... he created, by mass production, minion toys... Santa eventually runs into these toys by searching for the presents. The elf left a manufactuer logo on the toys, so when santa destroyed one he found the logo. Santa goes to the factory and defeats the elf. And here comes my favorite line. "You've been very naughty..." and he decappitates the elf...

Obviously the storyline needs more work... such as scripts and music... but realize that I can't do that real fast, so I decided I would make a preview to it... This is where the humor comes in.

I should have the preview done soon, but if not it will likely be done at the latest a little after christmas... yeah I wanted it done before... but it's already the 23rd... And then these people putting me down aren't helping much. They think they are helping, but in all they are simply annoying me... after trying to explain this storyline to someone, they actually said... and I quote "I didn't even read that, and your gay." talk about mature.... *sighs* Well stay tuned for more... hopefully this turns out good.